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We hope you enjoy using our site and that you too can find your perfect kitchen here, to help create your dream home.

Best wishes from the Fitakitchen Team



We are an established family-run business, managed by a small team of friendly people based in the North Leeds area of West Yorkshire.  Between us we have many, many years' experience of managing business; designing, supplying and fitting kitchens (over 10 years); and working as a team.


We have shaped Fitakitchen on the basis of practical experience and satisfied customers to develop a web-based supply business.  We aim to give those who wish to source their own high quality kitchen furniture an opportunity to purchase products at realistic and competitive prices. 



We supply hand-built kitchen cabinets, a wide choice of doors and a range of matching and co-ordinating accessories; and we pride ourselves on the high quality of these products.


If you order cabinets they will come ready assembled* and if you order them with doors, these will be pre-drilled, with soft-close Blum hinges attached as standard.  Your order will then be delivered direct to you on a mutually convenient date.


Whilst we currently only offer standard-sized units via the website, we do also provide a made-to-measure service.  So, if you have a requirement for something a bit different, such as to fit an awkward corner, please do contact us direct with your measurements and we will send you a no-obligation quote.


*please note: some wider and larger units may have to be supplied unassembled, as they will not fit through a standard door width!



There was a chap – some call him ‘Bob’.  Bob had a job, in a city.  But, sadly, Bob wasn’t happy in his job.  Now Bob had a wife.  She was a very nice wife and very understanding, and she said to Bob, ‘If you are very unhappy, then you need to give up your job and think about what you really want to do.’

So, Bob gave up his job and he spent some time pottering about and thinking about what he really wanted to do.  Until one day, the Wife said, ‘Have you decided what you want to do yet?’  And Bob said, ‘Yes.’

Bob had come to the conclusion that what he really enjoyed doing was hands-on, practical work and building things.  He had already enjoyed creating a lovely home for himself and the Wife, and thought it would be great to help other people achieve that dream.  And he really liked the idea of being his own boss!

Having had his ‘light bulb’ moment, Bob now needed to decide what he was going to do next.  He first enrolled on an interior design course and then, by chance, a friend saw a job advertisement for an assistant to a kitchen fitter.  Bob met with him and the Kitchen Fitter saw in him lots of potential.  So, for the next 5 years Bob worked alongside the Kitchen Fitter as his apprentice; by both learning on-the-job and through going on various courses for plumbing, electrics, plastering and tiling he learnt how to design, build and install all elements of a kitchen.

Then one day, the Wife (who in the meantime had continued with her own career in the third sector) said, ‘I think it would be lovely to have a family.’  Once Bob had picked himself up off the floor, he realised that if he was to support a family it was now time to set up his own business.  So that is what he did.

So for the next 10 years Bob worked with many customers; designing, supplying and fitting their dream kitchens.

Eventually, after ripping out and constructing many, many kitchens unfortunately Bob developed asthma (and his knees weren’t in great shape either!)  So he decided it was time to revisit his business plan and evolve the business.  He knew that the quality of the kitchens he was supplying was second-to-none and he could offer them to customers at an excellent price.  This was when Fitakitchen.com was first conceived.

Now the Wife is in charge (not that she wasn’t before)!  Applying her 15 years experience of Quality Management and knowing her systems management skills are far better than Bob’s, she’s taken on the business and is excited to be building the Fitakitchen.com you can see today.

Bob’s still here to offer technical support and even Grandad, with his many years of business management experience, is involved.

So Fitakitchen.com is now a truly family business.




My kitchen is around 15 years old and after you supplied new doors and handles it looks like a brand new set of units!  My wife is extremely please and when her friends come over (as they regularly do) and make the inevitable glowing comments, I will have no hesitation to extolling your virtues and ensuring they have your details for any requirements they may have in the future.

I am very pleased that you have saved me the thousands of pounds it would have cost if we’d had a brand new kitchen!

Mr Bedwell, Leeds 

I would like to thank you for the excellent service you offered us when we needed to replace our kitchen.  Many thanks for making my kitchen life easier!

We have already recommended you to our friends and business contacts and will happily continue to do so in the future.  Again, thanks for your help and advice.

Mr and Mrs H, West Yorkshire 

I wanted to turn an unloved cellar in our office building into a workspace for a growing technology company, but worried that I might be asking too much of someone else to appreciate the vision I had in my head.  However, you not only understood what I required, but added ideas and expertise which made the project even better than I had envisaged.

Guided by you we added a kitchen, as well as workspaces and a workshop.  The results I must say are outstanding.  I am really proud of the facility that we are now moving in to, and that is in no small part down to you at Fitakitchen.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your products and services to anyone that asks.

Mr Wright, West Yorkshire 

Resourceful, reliable, skilful, innovative, hardworking, great value; I’m pleased to say that these adjectives (and more) apply to Fitakitchen.  The least I can do is spread the word.

Mr Williams, Leeds 

To say that we are pleased with your service would be an understatement.  We would have no hesitations in recommending you to family, friends and colleagues.

Mr and Mrs D, West Yorkshire

I am pleased with the kitchen you have supplied and it is much admired by visitors.

Ms H, West Yorkshire 

I was really impressed with your attitude and perfectionist approach and I will be making sure that if anyone in my earshot mentions kitchens, you will be the ones I’ll recommend!

Mr B, South Leeds

It is with great pleasure that I can say the service provided by you in supplying a new kitchen for our home left both myself and my wife extremely happy and with a big smile on our faces.  You offered a first-rate service, were patient whilst we make the final decisions on what we wanted and were most professional in manner.

I would recommend Fitakitchen to anyone who requires anything doing to their kitchen from a spruce up to a complete installation, thank you.

Mr Barnard, Ilkley 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work in suppying the kitchen for us.

Mr and Mrs N, Bradford 

You were one of a number of people who provided estimates for a new kitchen at a property that I had recently purchased.  Not only was your price the most competitive, but the quality of the kitchen was of such a standard that it impressed the letting agents and was the major factor in the extremely speedy occupation of the property by new tenants.

The quality of the units and doors supplied was exemplary and I hope and trust that you feel as proud and pleased with them as I am.  I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending you to friends, colleagues and family.

Mr N D, Ilkley

Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into our new kitchen.  The service you have provided has been excellent and we will certainly be recommending you!

Mr and Mrs W, Leeds

On behalf of myself and my wife, I would like to thank you for your excellent quality of kitchen, politeness and consideration; I wish you all the very best for yourself and your company.

Mr G, North Leeds 



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